Saturday, April 11, 2009

See to it that things end well

This is a hoot. Someone unearthed an old advertorial pamphlet, Life 101, that AIG issued to help recent graduates transition into the world of responsible adulthood. Exactly 101 pearls of wisdom are offered -- wise advice that AIG itself either ignored or wickedly turned upside down and inside out. Here are some of my favorites, plus a 102nd pearl of wisdom I've added for the sake of completeness.

#12 Gain people’s goodwill.

# 14 Use, but do not abuse, cunning.

# 18 See to it that things end well.

# 25 Obtain and preserve a reputation.

# 46 Know how to get your price for things.

# 53 Know how to rely on yourself.

# 55 In all things keep something in reserve.

# 78 Do not turn one blunder into two.

# 87 Know how to ask.

# 93 Never let matters come to a breaking point.

#101 In times of prosperity, prepare for adversity.

1 comment:

Randal Graves said...

Someday when I "make a mistake" as big as AIG, I hope to get paid. It'll probably be in boxes of undistributed Life 101 pamphlets.