Monday, April 13, 2009

Doug Giles is a thin white rent boy who loves snipe hunting

God so loved America that He gave us the truly misbegotten Doug Giles.

This one is going into the scrapbook.

In his Christ-Has-Risen Easter Sunday column for Town Hall, respectfully titled America’s Not a Christian Nation -- And I’m a Fat Black Lesbian Who Hates Hunting, Pastor Doug Giles visits his tender mercies upon not only non-thin, non-white, non-heterosexual, non-hunters but also the Dixie Chicks, the French, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Tai Chi, and Stevie Wonder. Oh, and Jews.

Sure, Giles uses the term Judeo-Christian (exactly twice, and mainly to keep Joe Lieberman from crying) but other than that, it’s Christ America Christ America Christ America Christ America Christ America Christ America Christ America Christ America.

We’re the United States of Jesus Christ, people!

I like to think that Jesus would be appalled.


DPirate said...

It is amazing to me how christian fundamentalists can believe the idea that the usa has a manifest destiny ordained by god when the history of the country from Columbus has been little more than butchery and brutality of one kind or another. Rebellion was not a concern of Jesus, after all, as he told Simon the Zealot, nor was having his teachings become state policy, for he was offered that choice by the ruler of the world and rejected it.

How have we gotten to be so stupid, I wonder?

merlallen said...

giles has issues. the man is obsessed with homosex.
i can't remember his friend's name, the guy who also talks tough a lot. I wonder what they do together on their "hunting trips"