Monday, April 13, 2009

Ding Ding Ding

From the rightwing blog Political Castaway….
Did the Obamas Steal Their Dog?

Not exactly of the same import as economic or foreign policy, but…. this President -- the one who felt it was appropriate that the President of the United States could dictate compensation policy at U.S. banks and determine who should run American automakers -- may have commandeered his dog from another owner.

Here's the story, as it is being reported. Bo was sold to a D.C. resident late last year or early this year. Another dog out of the same litter was sold to Ted Kennedy. Bo was returned to the breeder in March and was sent directly to the Kennedy's dog trainer in Northern Virginia. From there, he is to become the newest White House resident.

Reading between the lines, is it difficult to imagine a typical D.C. power play here? The Kennedys, because they are the Kennedys, saw an opportunity to do a favor for the White House. They arranged for the unnamed third party to "return" his dog to the breeder (itself an unusual occurence short of health concerns for the puppy) so that the Kennedys could become the heroes in locating just the perfect dog for the Obamas.

I can't wait until we find out who the third party was and how he was compensated. Any takers on a bet that he has his own political agenda that was likely accommodated?

I wouldn't put any of this past the Obamas.
You know, I’m starting to miss the Lesbo-Hillary Clinton-Killed-Her-Lover-Vince Foster-While-Slick Willy-Ran-Columbian Drug Cartels-in-Mena stories.


DPirate said...

Is there any lesson to be had from the fact that they bought a dog instead of rescuing one from the pound?

Dr. Dave said...

Oh, I miss the Clintoons, too. They were way more fun.

BTW: I'm sorta helping out a fellow blogger by contributing my B.S. He's looking for some...ahem...more reasonable commentary from the other side. Would you be interested?

Gracie said...

Dr. Dave: Thanks for the thought, but in all honesty I'm too unreliable to be a member of a group blog. When politics gets to be too much for me, I wander away and watch Green Acres DVDs until my soul is restored.

merlallen said...

No, it's going to get better. Give them time.
It's hard to top the one about that Dyke Hilary mudering her MALE lover.

Mo MoDo said...

Until the conspiracy theories involve Michelle's college lesbian overs, I'm not paying attention.

Joyful Alternative said...

DPirate, apparently you haven't been following the incessant breaking news stories about allergies and which breeds of dogs are safe for children with allergies and the likelihood of one such dog showing up at the DC pound in the next decade. But you could have paid enough attention to the post you're commenting on to comprehend that they didn't buy the dog; they were given a dog.