Sunday, April 05, 2009

Public Domain Theater

Today’s feature, The Relaxed Wife (1957), is a surrealistic public service presentation via Roerig and Pfizer. Just think of Mr. Bean, freaked by his Dali-esque living conditions, discovering that he can achieve ataraxia by taking a substance that looks suspiciously like crystal meth but is really a tranquilizer. Oh, and wifey gets hooked first.

Of all the states throughout this nation,
the happiest by far
is the state of relaxation.

They’ll be fewer breakdowns and insomniacs
when more of us
have learned to be relaxed.

Remember: If you have tension problems, discuss them with your doctor.
At the conclusion of tonight's feature presentation, please exit the theater using the rear exit doors, depositing all trash in the receptacles located next to each exit door and in the main lobby. Thank you!

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