Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Now just read this as Inspector Clousseau

Trust me, it doesn’t really matter what the hell Erik Erickson is actually talking about. In fact, it’s funnier if you don’t.

The Red State blogger is all excited because he thinks he’s convicted David Shuster of being either a journalist or an activist or an invitee to Andrea Mitchell’s Spring Cotillion.

This is Erickson responding to an email from Shuster -- OMFG! a real, live TV-type person wrote to a lowly blogger -- who basically says WTF dude? Just read it out loud, doing your best Peter Sellers-as-Inspector Clousseau impersonation.
I’ve got credible people who have knowledge of the leest telling me you are on the leest. I believe you are on the leest. Put another way, I believe you have more incentive to lie about not being on the leest than those telling me you are on the leest have incentive to lie to me.

And if they have gotten confused as to which leest you are on, then you aren’t on the journalist leest, but the activist leest.
Oh, but there’s more.
Ezra Klein emails to say Shuster is not on the leest and the person telling me Shuster is on the leest is lying to me. How about we get a leest of who all is on the leest and we’ll know for sure who is leesting lying?
Tbogg does that Tbogg thing he does so well with this.

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