Sunday, January 18, 2009

To the victor goes the kitsch

Time‘s Ramesh Ponnuru emits some preternaturally high-pitched squealing over all the commemorative mugs, plates, coasters, lava lamps(!) et cetera celebrating Obama’s inauguration because, you know, Americans have never been known to buy stuff like presidential action figure dolls before.

In some of his supporters, we see the spectacle of secular-minded folk looking for a messiah.

Just knew that was coming, didn’t you.

But we risk looking like spoilsports or sore losers…

Yes, yes you do, especially when you obsess about possible record-breaking Port-O-Potty usage on Inauguration Day.

…and we can sympathize with the excitement over the first nonwhite President, even if we would have preferred that someone else had played the role.

Gee, Ramesh, that’s mighty white of you, but I’d like to point out that the presidency is not a role. It’s something called a high elected office. That might be where you got into trouble in vouching for Bush.

The Naughts are having fun with Ramesh over at Sadly, No!

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