Monday, April 28, 2008

The suddenly fearful crew of the media-ship Amistad

Sit down. Relax. Have a beer and some freshly rinsed arugala. You can even juice them together, although that will de-carbonate the beer and produce a squishy green sludge resembling algae. Your choice.

Anyway, Newsweek has declared that Obama has a Bubba gap, apparently because no one has found a Bubba yet who eats arugala, whether or not it’s juiced with beer (domestic only of course, never foreign or micro-brewed). And everyone knows that Bubba’s are a crucial demographic in elections. Plus, “Bubba gap” is a two-word phrase. Very catchy. Fits nicely on the cover.

People who follow this stuff think the suddenly fearful crew of the media-ship Amistad is starting to jump. Is there any doubt? But “jumping ship” is the wrong phrase; this is a prescheduled disembarkation.

Digby wonders whether the media narrative of Democrats as latte-sipping (or arugala-eating) left-wing hippie elites can ever be changed.

Bob Somerby shoots at some rats on the ship.

Twenty years ago, it was Belgian endive. Today, arugula reaches the cover of Newsweek—and McCain is still the world’s greatest man. In all that time, have you ever seen your liberal [journalists] address these destructive, trivia-fueled narratives?

And somewhere Paul Krugman sighs. He warned Obama supporters months ago, telling them they were being “played like a fiddle by people in the media who just plain hate the Clintons.”

Just remember: these people are not your friends. After they take down Hillary Clinton, if they can, your man will be next.

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