Monday, April 28, 2008

Yes, but is it made in China?

OBB News reports that an Adolf Hitler doll, or Chancellor Action Figure, has gone on sale in the Ukraine.

And I’ll be darned, has had the doll in stock too, although it’s currently unavailable. There’s even a 5-star customer review from a very enthusiastic Joeytonz.

This doll is perfect for propping behind a tiny podium and shouting in German from behind a curtain (just read from a German dictionary, your audience will never know the difference!) while simultaneously horrifying your grandparents.

Sometimes I'll bring the Hitler doll to mass just to keep my kids quiet and entertained with something. People often stare, jaw-dropped, in complete awe of the doll's stunningly accurate hairline and bitter scowl.

The only complaint is that his angry, shouting face might set a bad example for children. I recommend popping off the head and replacing it with the head of Dr. Venkman from Ghostbusters to allow Hitler a more humorous and mischievous demeanor….

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