Saturday, February 02, 2008


Distributorcap NY does the math on the purchasing power of ExxonMobile’s fourth quarter revenues ($469 billion) and profits ($40.6 billion). I would only add that the 4Q profits would also pay for boob jobs, tummy tucks, liposculpting and laser resurfacing for every woman aged 18 to 65 years on the entire planet as well as hair plugs for all those gents in need.

Via Should’ve Asked Me comes some stunning celebrity cash mashups. This one has triple cash value.

Flying Rodent offers some heartfelt advice to the unloved souls toiling away in the financial markets.

Something Awful inaugurates a new series, Botched Movie Titles, inspired by the verbal manglings of movie rental customers. My favorite is the spoof of the Penelope Cruz movie, Volver. It’s a chick thing.

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