Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Nepalese are coming, the Nepalese are coming!

Let’s watch Lou Dobbs stroke out on this one.
HUNTSVILLE, Ala (AP)— About 100 people who came from Nepal to work at a north Alabama factory seemingly vanished from a pair of apartment buildings, along with a lot of furniture and appliances, and can't be located, officials said Tuesday.
Let’s see: about 100 Nepalese immigrants wandering around Huntsville carrying microwave ovens and nobody notices.
Immigration agents are trying to determine what happened to the Nepalese workers, among hundreds brought to the United States to work at a DVD factory operated by Cinram Inc., said Lauren Bethune, a spokeswoman for the Alabama Department of Homeland Security.

"We do not in any way consider it a security threat, but we do think it is important," she said….
Times change. A mere 6 years ago the color-coded terror alert chart would have gotten bumped up to orange and Wolf Blitzer would have pissed his pants. Now nobody cares.
Bethune said about 100 immigrants were believed to be missing. Agents are trying to determine exactly what type of visas they used to enter the United States.
Maybe if the government wasn’t so busy trying to intercept every phone call, email, and text message ever made by anyone ever born, agents could keep better track of the visa status of several hundred Nepalese workers. Just a thought.
"It's possible that they had work visas, they expired, and they went home," she said.
Yes, indeed, it is possible. That would make the Nepalese immigrants exceedingly law-abiding, except for stealing some microwave ovens. I wonder if they realize they’re going to need adapters for the electrical outlets back home?

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