Saturday, February 02, 2008

(Happy?) Blogroll Amnesty Day

I am not sure whether one wishes another blogger Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day or not, considering its origins. And since Scriptoids is classified as -- what, a unicellular organism? -- in the blogging ecosystem, it's pretty challenging to link to an even smaller blog. Nonetheless, in the spirit of Blogroll Amnesty, I definitely will try to link to more blogs in the coming year. Who knows how many exotic variants of Old Bitter Balls are out there?

Note: Old Bitter Balls is not workplace safe and could get you in trouble with just about everybody except your creepy Uncle Otto.

UPDATE My apologies to Knudsen at Old Bitter Balls, who, because of my sloppy writing above, thought his blog had been banished from the blogroll. Just want everyone to know that I remain a devoted fan of both OBB and Knudsen’s new blog, OBB News.

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