Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tango lessons

Jakarta is coming.Does anyone know where Milton Friedman is buried? I’m about half-way through Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine and I want to go dance on his grave.

Balloon Juice is penciling in suggested questions for the GOP candidates’ debate. My contribution: Betty or Veronica?

Vaginal-Americans. Hey, Cliff May wasn’t just queefing when he was talking about vaginal-Americans. He’s actually ahead of the curve. Revised census questions will now allow citizens not only to indicate their gender but also to specify their favorite bits too.
Pour les dames: Vaginal-Americans, Clitoral-Americans, Pudendal-Americans, Uterine-Americans, Fallopian-Americans
Pour les messieurs: Penile-Americans, Testicular-Americans, Scrotal-Americans, Foreskin-Americans, Smegma-Americans
Mad Men. Here’s a perceptive take on the perfectly scheduled delivery (over the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend!) of Peggy’s baby. So it was a baby and not just the combination of junk food and really bad clothing choices after all. Have to admit, I actually dropped my bowl of Orville Redenbackers when Peggy doubled over as the first really bad contraction hit in the emergency room.

An invitation to the dance. Thank you very much to Jon Swift Esq for suggesting Scriptoids to the 2007 Weblog Awards committee. It’s greatly appreciated. Also: Do you know how to tango? And do you know where Milton Friedman currently resides?

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