Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And starring Glenn Beck as Mr. Mxyzptlk

Think about it: Glenn Beck gets 60 minutes of airtime five nights a week on one of the major cable news channels. Worse yet, you’re paying for the privilege.

Just what is the point of Glenn Beck? The only way I can watch his show is to pretend it‘s a parody, like The Colbert Report. Viewed from that perspective, Beck and his show are absolutely brilliant.

There he is, sitting on the corner of his faux news anchor’s desk. He cocks his little chipmunk head to the camera, raises his little chipmunk eyebrows quizzically, and says in his little chipmunk voice: “What would be the drug that would be just powerful enough to make you not really realize that you're making out with Dennis Kucinich?”

Of course, Beck is not a brilliant satirist. He’s an idiot and, as it turns out, not even a useful one.

Amazing. CNN brass looked around the vast pool of untapped English-speaking pundit talent in the world and declared: Here’s a winner! And that’s how we got this annoying little jester from the fifth dimension.

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