Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And the faith-based winners are…

Selected from among the recipients of 2007 Compassion Capital Fund Grants, which are issued as part of the White House ACF Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

Grant recipient: PrimnProper Inc/Choosing to Excel
Location: Conway, Arkansas
Amount: $250,000

Category: Fuck-and-die abstinence-only education

From the testimonial of Chanley Painter, Miss Teen Arkansas-America 2001:

I have always believed one should remain abstinent until marriage. Not only are you protecting your heart, mind, and body, but also your future family from the life-changing and deadly affects of premarital sex. My Christian faith, the teaching of my family, and my positive role models are also main factors in my pledge of abstinence.

Being a part of the "Choosing to Excel" program has allowed me countless opportunities to reach out to youth in my community. Also, with the title of Miss Teen Arkansas-America 2001, I travel Arkansas and surrounding states encouraging youth to wear their crown of character and to remain or to become abstinent from all unhealthy choices.

Grant recipients: JVA Consulting, LLC
Location: Denver, Colorado
Amount: $499,994

Category: Not-for-profit profiteering through bullshittery

In 2001, the Colorado Compassion Initiative positioned JVA Consulting in the national arena to lead a comprehensive capacity building initiative that successfully demonstrated increases in organizational capacity and an average revenue increase of 25 percent in participating organizations.

Grant recipient: U.S.-Liberia Charity Organization
Location: Woodbridge, Virginia
Amount: $50,000

Category: Man-Woman No Get Along

From the mission statement: Too often man-woman relationship irreparably breaks down. Too often the woman gets stuck with a kid that takes two to make and needs two to raise. The whole spectrum of the society is affected. The Haves and the Have-nots. The Haves can manage to get by. The Have-nots cannot even scrape by. Poorly paid, they live from check to check. Needs pile up unmet. The kid suffers. Another life wreck and jail candidate is in the making.

The single working mother is unfortunately a growing class. This program seeks to offer help wherever possible in the form of supply of basic needs to alleviate the hardship of the single working mother. This is a tall order. Not all would be touched. But some will be and for the better too.

Well, at least the U.S.-Liberia man-woman got to have sex -- something that can’t be said about too many of the other 2007 grant recipients, excluding the pregnant teenage girls, of course.

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