Thursday, August 23, 2007

Truth aside

A slapdash roundup of stuff because ESPN and the Little League World Series are proving to be enormous distractions.

And by 1974, almost nobody admitted voting for Nixon either
From a new Harris Interactive Poll: As displeasure and impatience with the Iraq war grows, fewer people claim to have supported it in the beginning then actually did. In 2003, over half said military action was the right thing to do; now under half say they thought it was right back then.

No, Toby Keith was not there
An example of progress in Iraq cited by the ebullient Philip Reeker, Counselor for Public Affairs at the US Embassy in Baghdad: Recently, in Erbil, in Northern Iraq, the Embassy sponsored with local authorities a "National Unity Arts Academy," which brought together Iraqis of all ethnicities and creeds with American musicians.

You know what this is really about?—The murderous rampages of Bill & Hillary
In WND-land, Arkansas-based cell-phone carrier Alltel is raising eyebrows with a TV spot featuring a woman wearing large earrings in the shape of a Pentagram, the symbol of Satanism and other occult beliefs and practices. But wait, there's more! WND manages to connect the dots between a commercial actress wearing big earrings to chipsets to suspicious shotgun "suicides." And Al Gore is in there too, somewhere. It's all very confusing—so just buy the inevitable WND tie-ins: a book about Hillary and a DVD about Satanism.

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