Friday, August 24, 2007

Why smart dogs and dumb presidents should never read Camus*

There were so many what-the-fuck moments packed into Bush's VFW convention speech that I truly believe a rogue speechwriter spiked the script and the Bushies, dumb as ever, didn't notice.

Either way, it's all making for some modest entertainment and, no doubt, a slight bump in DVD rentals of "The Quiet American" as people try to figure out if Bush is unwittingly casting himself as the Brendan (nobody does doofus better) Fraser character, who, as I recall, "quietly" gets assassinated and dumped into the Saigon River for his terror bombing counterinsurgency activities.

I'm sure the order is out to the speechwriters: No more damn allusions to novels. Personally, I'd like to see more Bush-speak Iraq analogies to Mr. Bean's Holiday.

Greg Mitchell unravels what the hell Bush means—or thinks he means—by all this.

*Stop him before he quotes again: all about Bush "reading"—and of course misquoting—Albert Camus.

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