Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Had we but enemies enough, and time

The Editors over at NRO have taken time off from lamenting the addition of their much-behated Janeane Garofalo to their much-beloved snuff-fest "24" to comment upon the Bush administration's latest fist-shaking: to place Iran's Revolutionary Guard on the list of specially designated global terrorists.
Two reactions are appropriate to the Bush administration’s decision to place Iran’s Revolutionary Guard on the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations. First, one should cheer.
And Jonah Goldberg obligingly jumps up and screams: Yippy-ki-yay, motherfuckers!, because that's what he gets paid for and because Charles Krauthamer can't.
To designate the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist entity, then, is to acknowledge reality.
Let's not even go there.
Second, one should ask how much longer it will take the president to resolve the contradiction at the heart of his Iran policy.
And what is the contradiction at the heart of Bush's Iran policy? —That he hasn't bombed Iran.

And how can Bush resolve the contradiction at the heart of his Iran policy?—Bomb Iran.

And why doesn't Bush bomb Iran? Because of those damn Euro-Squeamies, of course. Oh, and because Condi Rice, using her devastating reverse feminine wiles, has left Bush impotent.
What one should hope now is that the administration, in its waning days, is making a course correction.
Just like the housing market and the stock market.
But the simple truth is that, unless Iran’s regime gives up both its terrorist ideology and its weapons, we will never be safe.
It's a funny thing about simple truths. They're very rarely simple and occasionally they're not even true.

For extra-creepy goodness, check out Ray McGovern's George W. Bush: A CIA Analysis.

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