Friday, August 03, 2007

Memo from the White House Office of Faith-Based Infrastructure Maintenance


TO: All WHOFBIM staff
FR: Monica Teufeling
Associate Seminarian/Acting Ombudsman
Office of Faith-Based Infrastructure Maintenance
RE: Stationery/employment opportunities

Attached is a sample of the proposed WHOFBIM stationery header and (provisional) motto.

The main point of disagreement over the (provisional) motto concerns the use of an exclamation point. We all feel that an exclamation point would imply energy and activity. The question yet to be resolved is whether those are impressions we actually want to convey.

As you know, we still have several senior-level openings to fill. Over the next few months, I'll be vetting recent graduates from Regent University's Christian Principles of Engineering program. We pray that the vacancies will be filled by the end of FY2008.

One other housekeeping matter: Please refer all press inquiries regarding the Interstate 35W bridge collapse to Brigadier-General Kevin Bergner.

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