Sunday, August 05, 2007

Is Bush "unsaved"?—And other fun stuff for the sudoku-phobic

Oh my. The Daily Prayer for Bush thread (Day 2300 for those keeping track at home) erupted into a scriptural dispute over the intended/unintended suggestion that Bush is/is not saved.

This is the passage that started it all.
Father Lord be with our President, guide him through this journey of life. Guide his thoughts and quicken his spirit that he would be effective in guiding the lost to you Lord….
Which elicited this measured response.
Are you actually suggesting [Bush's] spirit has not been quickened by God and that therefore he is unsaved and has never been born again? It's most unusual to hear someone suggest in prayer that the president is not a Christian…. Christians praying for a quickening of the spirit is almost never heard except in a prayer for the unsaved.
Some un—Christian-like sniping broke out and charges of prayer trolling (who knew?) were lodged. Somebody pressed the "Abuse" button, and the Administration Moderator was notified of the onging Christian persecution.

Finally, the prayer skirmish ended with this curiously secular retort.
You have no class whatsoever telling another person how to pray.
Peace be with you all.

Greetings from Alaska!
Love, Jonah

Jonah Goldberg mails in his latest homework assignment on the back of a picture postcard. It seems the launch date for Iraq's Jeffersonian Democracy Project has been pushed back a century or two due to technical difficulties.
On a recent panel hosted by National Review on a cruise to Alaska (yes, I’m writing this column from said cruise; what’re ya gonna do?), the near total consensus among the invited foreign policy intellectuals was that Western-style democracy in Iraq is a pipe dream.
A pipe dream? Oil pipe? water pipe? sewer pipe?— today in Iraq, any kind of functioning pipe is a dream.
If you canvass conservative supporters of the war, you’ll find a level of creeping sobriety when it comes to the possibilities for Iraq….
Creeping sobriety? So all this time, all we had to do was lock up the war-humpers' liquor cabinets.

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