Friday, August 03, 2007

This is the guy who stole my heart by trimming his armpit hair

C'est la vie. Joe Pesci and Angie Everhart plan to marry.
L'acteur américain Joe Pesci, 64 ans, est désormais fiancé à sa douce Angie Everhart. Le mannequin de 37 ans a accepté la demande du comédien lors d'un week-end à Atlantic City, dans l'Etat du New Jersey. Le couple, ensemble depuis 7 ans, devrait se marier dans le courant de l'année 2008.
Okay, okay. Here's the BabelFish translation, which has its charms.
At 64 years, Joe Pesci envisages a 4e marriage

The American actor Joe Pesci, 64 years, from now on is promised in marriage to his soft Angie Everhart. The 37 year old mannequin accepted the request of the actor at the time one weekend with Atlantic City, in the State of the New Jersey. The couple, together since 7 years, should marry in the current of the year 2008.

It will act of the fourth marriage of Joe Pesci, and of the second of Angie Everhart, which was already married in Ashley Hamilton, the son of the actor and realizer George Hamilton. It in addition had been already posted with the arm of Sylvester Stallone and prince Albert of Monaco.

For more than 40 years in the cinema, Pesci has appeared in particular in Raging Bull, It was once in America, Freed, JFK and Casino.
The first Pesci movie I ever saw was Easy Money, which contains the iconic precision armpit-hair trimming scene. This was classic urban/ethnic Port Newark/Staten Island grooming behavior for guys of a certain era, and native son Pesci nails it.

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