Monday, January 16, 2006

Dear Mrs. Alito

Please study these photographs very carefully. In the first one, Jacqueline Kennedy watches in horror as her husband's brains are blown out; she is sitting less than 2 feet away. Note the blood and brain matter splattered on her face and clothing.

In this second photo, Mrs. Kennedy, still wearing her blood- and brain-spattered suit, bears witness at the swearing in of Lyndon Johnson as her husband's successor.
Did you notice you what was missing, Mrs. Alito?
That's right, Mrs. Alito. Mrs. Kennedy was not crying.

So suck it up, dear Martha. A bunch of self-important windbags asking your dear Sammy tough questions over and over as part of the job interview for a lifetime appointment is not exactly the most emotionally wrenching experience a politico's wife has ever experienced.

Oh, and you might want to ask Nancy Reagan and Sarah Brady about it, too.


Anonymous said...

She doesn't look the least bit sad to you?
I'm sure she is used to hiding her emotions, and it looks to me like she is really trying not to cry.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't figure out how to post pictures
but if you find the other picture of her when this one was taken she is defiantly holding a lot of grief in.