Friday, November 11, 2005

Bitch much, Mr. Frist?

Still hissy about Sen. Harry Reid's stealthy use of procedural arcanae, Bill Frist clearly learned nothing from his drama queen hysterics last week. Now he's taken his self-indulgent indignation to the editorial pages.
Last week's absurd, unwarranted and disingenuous call for a closed session of the United States Senate sent me a clear message: Many Democrats have decided to mock the Senate's rules in the name of partisan advantage.
Oh my.

Sen. Frist also is fretting that the uncouth, semi-barbaric mockers might do something that is, well, clearly within their rights — filibuster the nomination of Joseph Alito to the Supreme Court. And you know what that means:
If members of the Democratic minority persist in blocking a vote on Alito's nomination, the Senate will have no choice but to do what Byrd did: exercise its constitutional rights and bring Alito's nomination up for a vote.
Quick, gather together your families and hunker down. This is absolutely terrifying — Senators threatening to use Senate rules against each other. Is the nation strong enough to survive?

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