Friday, October 14, 2005

May Richard Cohen eat the DVD version of his words, and then resign.

This is the first paragraph of Let This Leak Go, the incredibly asinine Richard Cohen column that has been rightly micro-fisked to a whispy volatile organic compound.
The best thing Patrick Fitzgerald could do for his country is get out of Washington, return to Chicago and prosecute some real criminals. As it is, all he has done so far is send Judith Miller of the New York Times to jail and repeatedly haul this or that administration high official before a grand jury, investigating a crime that probably wasn't one in the first place but that now, as is often the case, might have metastasized into some sort of coverup -- but, again, of nothing much. Go home, Pat.[emph added]
Think about it: Unless he's exchanging sex for information with a member of the grand jury, Richard Cohen knows no more about the investigation -- and possibly less -- than anybody else on the outside.

Yet he's willing to think, write, and print: Go, home, Pat, and fight the real criminals back in Chicago.

Will he resign in disgrace from the Washington Post if indictments are handed up on serious, serious charges?

F*ck no. That's just not in the pundit's code of ethics.


Here are links to some of the micro-fisking:

Zeke L assigns himself the task of dissecting "Cohen's dumbass column" in detail. By the time Zeke's done, the only thing left is the formaldehyde.

Larry Johnson has at it too here. Johnson, a former CIA agent, suggests that someone tell Cohen "he is a nitwit and moron for trying to advance White House supplied talking points that no real crime occurred."

And Roger Ailes offers us "Cohen and diGenova, Solicitors at Prostitution."

Update Here's another: Michael Berube checks out the different ways Cohen has been wrong. "Of the twelve kinds of wrongness Aristotle describes in the Nicodeman Ethics (you remember, predictive, retrospective, substantive, distributive, boneheaded, etc.), Cohen has now employed eleven."

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