Sunday, October 16, 2005

You might think you heard answers, but you'd be wrong

Chris Wallace interviews Condoleeza Rice on FoxNews Sunday.
WALLACE: Secretary Rice, a new subject. Were you part of an effort in July of 2003 to discredit Ambassador Joe Wilson, who was a critic of the Bush Iraq policy?

RICE: I am not going to talk about, Chris, as you might imagine, an ongoing investigation. I have, like everybody else, cooperated with Prosecutor Fitzgerald, and I'm quite certain that he will make his report. But I don't think that it's appropriate to comment about those events.

WALLACE: Now, when you say you've cooperated with the prosecutor, does that mean that, in fact, you spoke to investigators or to the grand jury?

RICE: I cooperated in all of the ways that I was asked to cooperate.
So, does Wallace ask for clarification? Does he ask directly: Did you speak with investigators? Did you appear before the Grand Jury? Did you turn over notes, emails, whatever?

Nah. He just moves on to another question.
WALLACE: Secretary Rice, were you involved in any way in the process in which [Harriet Miers] was chosen?

RICE: Chris, I'm not in the habit of recommending Supreme Court justice nominees to the president. But I was delighted that Harriet was chosen.
So, does Wallace ask, Did you break your habit just this once? Did you discuss possible nominees with Bush? Did you recommend Miers for the Supreme Court?

Nah. He just moves on to a videotape commercial promoting "Condi in 2008."
WALLACE: Finally, Secretary Rice, I want to show you a commercial that is running right now in Iowa. Here it is. Let's take a look.


UNKNOWN: She's a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. She'll speak on Iraq, America's role in the world, 9/11 and even abortion.

UNKNOWN: Great. I like her, too. You know, she's intelligent, and she's educated presidents for years.


WALLACE: Secretary, what do you think of this group, Americans for Rice, that is trying to launch a "Draft Condoleezza Rice" movement?
What does Dr. Madame Secretary think of all this?
RICE: Well, obviously, I'm flattered that somebody thinks of me in those terms. But, Chris, I haven't ever run for anything. I don't have any desire to run for anything. I didn't even run for high school president.

And so I know my role, and I've got a lot of work to do as secretary of state. We've got a lot of issues, a lot of tough issues, but a lot of opportunities, too. And then I think unless I go to the NFL, I'm headed back to Stanford to teach.
The NFL? Maybe a tryout for the first female punter....

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