Friday, October 14, 2005

Sluts 'R Us

Don't try to follow the logic of Carey Roberts's The Female Libido Comes Unleashed -- bondage metaphor unintended, I think.

You'll just get a bad headache and then you won't be up for checking out the delightful websites (URLs conveniently supplied) for getting in touch with your inner slut.

But, what the heck, I already have a bad headache, courtesy of the 13th consecutive day of drenching rains and gusty winds in the Northeast….

For many years, the female sexual instinct was driven underground by feminist sensibilities.
Certainly a novel reinterpretation of the feminist movement.

Now female sexuality is back, but this time with a whole new twist: it’s women who are doing the objectifying.
Dubya must have brought it back with him.

The problem is the growing sexual aggressiveness [and skankiness] of women.
Or maybe the Bush twins.

Pornography is now being touted as the next rampart to be stormed in the crusade for women’s liberation.
Larry Flynt is nobody's fool -- that merger of NOW and Hustler was pure genius.

And growing numbers of women are clamoring to get in on the [porn] action – witness, where any woman can step in front of the camera and become the Porn Queen-for-a-Day.

Gloria Steinem once warned, “Pornography is the instruction. Rape is the practice.”
Caution -- reference to noted feminist: cue aroused suspicions.

[A] growing number of female school teachers are preying on their male teenage charges.
Deflowing teenage boys is what Roberts calls it. And I guess one could think of it that way.

As disturbing as these incidents are, what [is most troubling] is the mainstreaming of prostitution.... If you still don’t believe that the ersatz allure of prostitution isn’t undermining the moral basis of our culture, check out the July issue of the women’s magazine Marie Claire.
Observe the excellent product placement.

When the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917, one of their first actions was to replace the institution of marriage with the ideology of sexual license.
It's not every writer who can zoom straight from the July issue of Marie Claire to the Bolshevik revolution. Truly impressive.

The League of Communist Youth organized “Down with Innocence” circles to promote sexual experimentation. Men began to exchange wives with the same zeal they displayed in the consumption of vodka.
Hmm… circles. You know, they never taught the really good stuff when I was in high school. Or maybe I was out on the annual Keyettes field trip that day.

Eventually families disintegrated altogether….
That's what happened to the Romanovs.

All that was considered progress.
Silly Bolsheviks.

But rightwing columnists who link to Porn-Queen-for-a-Day and tales of Dutch sex workers -- now that's progress!

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