Saturday, February 26, 2005

Duh Roundup (Issue No. 3)

Hannity & Colmes: Art Linkletter on Why He Supports the Bush Social Security Plan (Fox News)

LINKLETTER: I know the president very well. I have visited with him, well, many times — well, once.
We have got to be truthful now. That's the difference between USA Next and AARP.

Yes, USA Next are the same good people who brought us this bit of "truth."


CNN Larry King Live Encore Presentation: Interview With Mary Kay Letourneau (CNN)

[Note: Letourneau served 7 1/2 years in jail for having sex with her 13-year-old former student.]

KING: When was the first time you were alone?

LETOURNEAU: Alone? You mean, in a...

KING: In anywhere.

LETOURNEAU: ... in an intimate way?

KING: Yeah, I mean, did he come to your house? Did you go to his -- I mean, how does a 34-year-old and a 13-year-old get together? What do they do?

LETOURNEAU: Well, all the normal things, except obviously, you know, we don't go to a place that's like a bar, a drinking establishment...

Goodness gracious no! You wouldn't want to violate any laws involving alcohol consumption.

The Solution for the Evangelical Scandal
(Agape Press)

By Matt Friedeman, PhD

Many evangelicals…are immersed in a Christianity that allows them to lie, cheat, beat their wives, neglect the poor, and live life any way they darned well want to with an attitude of "I'm-cool-'cause-Jesus-loves-me-and-so-I-don't-owe-you-a-thing."

This article was featured in Agape Press, which promotes itself as the Christian News Service.


Bill Would Ban Abortions of 'Gay' Fetuses:
Maine Legislator Got Idea Listening to Rush Limbaugh (WorldNetDaily)

A Republican lawmaker in Maine has introduced a bill to prohibit abortions based on the sexual orientation of the unborn baby.
State Rep. Brian Duprey wants the Legislature to forbid a woman from ending a pregnancy because the fetus is homosexual.

Okay. Write your own "If Limbaugh's mother had only known…" joke.


Europe for Lunch (The American Spectator)

By R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr.

As I say, I put my trust in the English-speaking people. Why we have shown more vigor in defending liberty I cannot with great confidence say.

Maybe Tyrell's self-admited lack of "great confidence" here is because history does not always back him up on this statement.


U.S. English, Inc. Chairman Denounces the Use of Spanish on Senate Floor (link)

Statement by Mauro E. Mujica

As a naturalized citizen of the United States, I was appalled by Senator Mel Martinez’s Spanish language speech on the floor of the Senate yesterday. Making an address in a language other than English is an affront to Sen. Martinez’s colleagues, constituents and all of America.

Vaya con Dios….


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