Friday, February 25, 2005

Hey, If You Don't Have Logical Arguments to Advance, You Can Always Just Screw With Their Heads

Hardball With Chris Matthews (MSNBC)

DAVID SHUSTER, NBC CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): But now the AARP is a conservative target because the group opposes the president‘s plan to privatize Social Security.
And this week, an ad appeared on Web sites claiming the group hates the military and loves gay marriage. The effort to trash the membership-based AARP is being sponsored by a donor-based group called the United Seniors Association. That group, which plans to spend $10 million on television ads, refused to give us their donor list.

MATTHEWS: Well, why do you bring in gay marriage in and attacking the troops, if you‘re caring about the issues of seniors?
CHARLIE JARVIS, UNITED SENIORS ASSOCIATION: That was a tiny little ad on one Web site.
MATTHEWS: Who approved it? Did you?
MATTHEWS: Why did you approve it?
JARVIS: Because I wanted to test to see how long it would take for the liberal blogs in this country to go berserk over a single image.

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