Monday, January 17, 2005

Life Is Just an Illusion, Man

Special Report With Brit Hume (FOX News)
Topic: Iraq's Future
Guest: Gen. Robert Scales (Ret.), Fox News Military Analyst

HUME: So in the end you’re suppressing a popular force when you’re using 10 to 1 [military] advantage. You need 10 to 1 advantage to deal with a popular uprising?
SCALES: Yes. But that’s not what’s happening here [in Iraq]. You know, the vast majority of the Iraqi people are neither Sunnis nor Sunni sympathizers. They’re a very small minority.
HUME: If that being the case however, it’s worth noting that we just had this just weeks ago, this action in Fallujah.
SCALES: Right.
HUME: The dividend of that does not appear to have been, at least from what we can see from at a distance, a lessening of the violence. Is that an illusion?
SCALES: It’s an illusion.

Bonus Okey-Dokey:
HUME: So this [winning in Iraq], in your view, is mission possible?
SCALES: It’s mission possible. But let’s manage expectations. Let’s let the American people understand this is not something that’s going to be decided on a weekend.

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