Monday, January 17, 2005

Joe Scarborough Gets the Dry Heaves

Scarborough Country (MSNBC)

JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST: Boy, it‘s hard to believe that reading the headlines, because tonight‘s top headline, "Indonesia to the United States: Drop Dead." But the "Real Deal" is this. You take our money, you get our troops.

What was causing Joe's dry heaves?

Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla told the state Antara news service that foreign troops should leave Aceh as soon as possible. "Three months are enough. In fact, the sooner the better," Kalla said. link

Special Thanks-for-Having-Me-on-Award Goes to Bianca Jagger:

BIANCA JAGGER, HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATE: Well, let me answer a few of the issues that Pat raised. One is, I think the State Department spokesperson didn‘t regard the statement by the vice president of Indonesia as you have portrayed in your program. I think that they said...
SCARBOROUGH: Hold on. That‘s what the State Department said.
SCARBOROUGH: Hold on....
JAGGER: Pat, may I answer what you just said? I think that it is very important that we...
SCARBOROUGH: Hold on a second. We are going to be playing--we are going to hear President Bush at the Pentagon today, and then we will go to Ms. Jagger. Let‘s listen to the president....
SCARBOROUGH: OK, Ms. Jagger, we will give you the final word.
JAGGER: Yes. Sure.

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