Monday, January 17, 2005

Russell Yates on Being There for the Ladies

Larry King Live Encore Presentation: Russell Yates (CNN)

Interview with Russell Yates, soon to be ex-husband of Andrea Yates, who killed their five children. Yates let his severely psychotic wife to care for their children despite her obvious mental illness.

KING: Are you going on with your life? Are you dating? Are you...
YATES: Starting to. A little.
KING: Is that hard?
YATES: It's pretty good, really.

Follow-up moment of Zen:

KING: The public, for some reason didn't like him [Russell Yates], media got mad at him. I'm trying to figure out what they wanted him to do?...

KARIN KENNEDY (ANDREA'S MOTHER): Well, maybe they thought he should have helped his wife more with the children.

BRIAN KENNEDY (ANDREA'S BROTHER): I just personally don't think that he was there.

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