Monday, February 15, 2010

It’s coming, it’s coming. Just not here.

Well finally some people are getting a la carte cable programming.
Bell Canada is offering à la carte television channels in Quebec as part of an ever-deepening war with cable provider Vidéotron.

The company on Friday announced new options that will allow television customers to subscribe to individual channels, rather than bundles that include unwanted channels. Customers must first take a basic $25 package that includes standard channels… and can then choose 15 channels for $15, 20 for $19 or 30 for $22. Bell is also offering individual channels for $2 each.
I’ve been begging Comcast for a la carte pricing for years, especially when I’m calling them to once again downgrade our cable service. Maybe other customers are happy with the bundled packages, but they just don’t mesh with our viewing habits and interests.

Now we’re down to basic cable, which somehow includes the Eternal Word Television Network, FOX News, and two different channels running the same Wendy Williams show a total of four times a day. Oh, and the municipal access channel, which keeps reminding us lately that we have to shovel our own damn sidewalks.

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