Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Further adventures in a post-fact society

I’m guessing Ken Thompson is a birther.

This is from a recent column by Leonard Pitts, Jr.
Henry Johnson…was awarded the French Croix de Guerre in World War I for single-handedly fighting off a company of Germans… who threatened to overrun his post.

Johnson managed this despite the fact that he was only 5-foot-4 and 130 pounds, despite the fact that his gun had jammed, despite the fact that he was wounded 21 times.

My mention of Johnson's heroics drew a rebuke from a fellow named Ken Thompson, which I quote verbatim and in its entirety.

"Hate to tell you that blacks were not allowed into combat intell (sic) 1947, that fact. World War II ended in 1945. So all that feel good, one black man killing two dozen Nazi, is just that, PC bull."
Jeebus -- how many points did Thompson get wrong here, other than the decade, the war, and the enemy?

When given a link to information about Johnson on the official Arlington National Cemetery website, Thompson blew it off.
"There is no race on headstones and they didn't come up with the story in tell (sic) 2002."
Okay, I’m also guessing that Ken Thompson is a proud TeaBagger too.

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DPirate said...

I know KThompson. He is a bleeding heart liberal fairy. Just kidding, but, hey, could be as true as him being a teabagger.