Friday, February 26, 2010

Alternative terms

Kevin K. at Rumproast has challenged his commenters to come up with some new descriptors for the Nor’easters up with which we who live in the Nor’east are once again putting.

Snowmageddon, Snopocalypse, Snowicane, and Snowtorious B.I.G. all have their charms, but Mr. Nearing and I have our own special code.

Our traditional term for a huge winter storm is fuck it.

Our traditional term for the frenzied pre-storm dash to the grocery store is We’re all gonna die!!

Our traditional term for the insanity encountered during the pre-storm supermarket run is fall of Saigon.

Finally, our traditional term for officially being snowbound is Jersey’s closed.

It’s very peaceful when Jersey’s closed. The infrastructure actually stops vibrating and crumbling for a few hours. There’s no stacked up air traffic circling overhead. There are no tractor trailers grinding gears in the distance. It’s rather pleasant, at least until I run out of coffee.

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