Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yada Yada La Scala

My but wasn’t Obama’s controversial!!1! Nobel Peace Price a media godsend!!1!

Does Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?
Should he accept it?
Should he reject it?
Should he hang the medal on Bo’s dog collar?

Should Bill Clinton have gotten the award, so we all could cue up the Monica Lewinsky videotapes and revisit the curse of the blue-stained dress? Oh, and impute all sorts of nefarious subtexts because Bill’s wife is the current Secretary of State?

Well, you know the media drill. All that speculative yada-yada-ing gives the media the perfect excuse not to address Bob Somerby’s eminently reasonable question: Why the fuck does the US spend two to three times as much as comparable nations on comparable health care?

It’s not as though the answer is harder to figure out than what’s next in the Jon & Kate saga.

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Anonymous said...

Asking if Obama should have won the Peace Prize is like asking if Miss California really deserved the Miss USA crown.