Friday, October 23, 2009

“Big Hollywood Victoria Jackson” is really Tony Clifton in drag

Don’t know why, but I still hold out hope that Victoria Jackson is really an extraordinary performance artist and not a goofy D-list celebrity riding the gravy train of conservative welfare.

Take, for example, her latest column for Big Hollywood, A Love Letter (to Glenn Beck).

I think of you often.

I’m getting my fake fingernails put on and I’m thinking of you. I have a pitch meeting at Pie Town tomorrow and I chewed all my real fingernails off last night watching Anita Dunn express her admiration for Mao Tse Tung. Thank you for exposing yet another enemy of our freedom. You are so passionate and curious and smart and real….

But I must especially thank you Glenn Beck for your blackboard. I love your blackboard! And your thorough research. Your facts. Your diagrams. Your teaching. Finally, someone is clearly explaining to us, the taxpayers, exactly what is happening inside that mysterious, gigantic, corrupt political system we have.

We, the working middle class, have always been afraid of the machine, and I think the politicians/criminals wanted it that way. With their pompous, pious faces and sneaky hands, they have been stealing and lying. We were too busy raising children, working and going to church to have time to research them.

Now, finally, one man has done it. Cracked the Code. Exposed the Fraud. Shone the Light on the Basement Rats! Now, the rats are all scurrying around, all nervous. They are calling The Man With The Flashlight names. Mean names. Squeak! Squeak!

Glenn Beck, thank you for answering my questions….
I absolutely refuse to believe this is for real. It has to be a world-class punking.


DPirate said...

I thought Victoria Jackson was on Knot's Landing?

Randal Graves said...

This gang is really raising the bar on performance art and being a (wo)man of letters. Color me impressed.

Mo MoDo said...

Sadly, I read the whole thing with her annoyingly squeaky fingernails-on-chalkboard voice ringing in my ears.

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