Saturday, October 31, 2009

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From A Conversation With Gore Vidal.
Q. What are “American values”?
A. Lying and cheating. There’s nothing better.

Q. During the 1970s, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, and producer Robert Evans were celebrated for lifestyles of sexual extravagance.
A. Well, they’re all virgins, every last one of them. I can testify to that. And the last one you mentioned, he’s a super virgin.

Neuro-Bush: Smarter than expected but worse than thought.
President Bush’s bold, ebullient personality and bias for action helped bring together Democratic and Republican elites to fundamentally reform American public schools. This may be his greatest legacy. The President’s boldness in Afghanistan seemingly succeeded, though his disdain for details limited the scope of that success.

Finally, on the signature decision of his administration, President Bush’s tendency to make quick decisions, reluctance to admit error, disdain for details and experts, inability to entertain dissenting opinions, and tendency to categorize opponents as enemies, meant that his administration did not sufficiently plan the invasion of Iraq. Further, he failed to systematically review occupation policy even as countless voices both inside and outside of the administration urged such a review. [orig emph]

My guy does dead guys better than your guy, nah nah nah nah nah.

The son Dick Cheney never had -- that would be Liz, not Mary -- joined in that most cherished of TV-age political traditions: squabbling over which president’s motives are the purest when honoring fallen soldiers. Disgraceful behavior erupted on all sides.

Folks, generally speaking, if you’re booing, hissing, and name-calling, you’re not remembering the fallen in a respectful manner. Maybe instead of covering mirrors, as observant Jews do during shiva, agitated partisans should just slap some duct tape over their mouths for a few days.

Oddly enough, also a well-known weakness of Joe Lieberman.

Advice from veteran pitcher Rube Currie to rookie pitcher Piggie Powell:
You know what their weakness is? A fastball between the eyes.

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