Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What? Don’t pretend they don't freak you out too.

This is for those of you trying to erase the image of Chuck Grassley’s creepy upside-down eyes from your memory…

According to Jamie Malanowski, penis jokes are reaching critical mass this summer, and it’s not all Adam Sandler’s fault.

Here‘s a visual compilation of 23 Movie Plots That Could Have Been Solved in Minutes. If I knew how to PhotoShop, I could have added a 24th: Ghost.

For people who like to read a complete novel during a single elevator ride, check out Very Short Novels. Each posted novel is 299 words or less.

And this is what’s on TV tonight. Doesn’t matter what night it is, it’s always on. (Photo)


Mo MoDo said...

Is the poker craze not over yet? It has now lasted twice as long as the cigar rage.

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful of you, Grace, to plug my Very Short Novels. Scriptoids is a fascinating site. Thanks. 299 words every time. More is waste.