Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oops, now they know

It’s been fun scanning reader comments in the Guardian and London Times as Brits take righteous offense to being called granny-snuffing socialists too enamored of their third-world healthcare system to covet the God-given system we have in America.

More upsetting than being called granny-snuffers and socialists for some is the fact that any American is gullible enough to fall for such blatant propaganda.
[P]erhaps you could spread the word across the pond that NHS does not lead to socialism. I have been scouring other website and forums on this subject and I am shocked at the level of naiviety [sic] that the news channels and sites project onto the people. Is it really that bad over there?!
Yes. Yes it is.

And maybe next time you’ll think twice about joining any of our coalitions of the willing.

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yellojkt said...

But I thought the British WERE socialists. That is why they control all the money in the world.