Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kippers and crumpets and ipse dixit

ScribbleAccording to Brian J. Gail, Brian J. Gail is a Knight of the Immaculate, a father of seven, a grandfather of five [some of those seven kids seem to be practicing birth control!], a co-founder of three Catholic classical academies, a patent holder, and a highly sought-after speaker on matters of faith and family. He’s also penned a column, The Pill and Debt, tracing the completely imaginary and totally fabricated connection between birth control pills and personal debt while failing to establish the totally imaginary and completely fabricated connection between the rhythm method and financial independence. [While Gail mentions vasectomy and tubal ligation in passing, he doesn’t factor them into his debt-no debt calculation; maybe the surgically neutered just go directly to debtors prisons.]

To buttress his argument about the contraceptive mentality and debt, Gail cites a “veiled reference” to birth control -- so veiled that birth control is called simply technology -- made by the pre-pope Pope Benedict XVI: "When man is unable to traverse the great divide between what his technology permits him to do and what his heart tells him to do he becomes powerless to face the existential challenges of the age" -- or pay down his credit card balance.

There also are lots and lots of economic statistics, as originally cited by Kevin Phillips and, by Gail’s own admission, not linked to birth control usage. But not for nothing is Gail a Knight of the Immaculate. He presses on and establishes the critical linkage between birth control and personal debt.
[Phillips] quotes a prominent investment broker as suggesting debt is the "crack cocaine" of the 60's generation. This of course is the generation that came of age just in time to embrace a new wonder drug called the Pill; to deploy it as a kind of safety net for the "sexual revolution" it was launching in the U.S. and exporting throughout the world.
Get it? Birth control pills became available in the 1960s. An anonymous investment banker described debt as the crack cocaine of the 60s generation. Well there you go: birth control pills = personal debt.


Sator Arepo said...

I always forget I can't comment there (although I'd likely be censored if I could), so I'll say this to Mr. Gail here:

Go fuck yourself! It neither costs anything, nor produces an unwanted child!

Thanks, Grace.

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