Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aaden, sweetie, I’d love to adopt you -- and don't worry about going to Notre Dame

Sorry, I’ve been too distressed over the high-order multiple fissures in Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marriage -- Is Jon screwing a 23 year old? Is Kate screwing her bodyguard? -- to focus on things like torture, torture photos, torture memos, torture briefings, Dick Cheney‘s fondness of torture, Rush Limbaugh’s failing kidneys, the massive closings of Chrysler and GM dealerships, and the rise of the Amazing Renminbi, which is not a reference to a magician.

But today is the day that Obama will say a few words to the graduating class of Notre Dame University, and the cable newsers have gotten my attention because they’ve done everything but plastered a countdown clock in the lower righthand corner (at least, last I checked) for The Most Controversial Speech Ever in College Commencement Speech History.

Except that people not hobbled by massive retrograde amnesia and willful historical ignorance know this is not true, especially in Notre Dame’s brief history of presidential commencement addresses. Why, there were even some spoilsports who didn’t approve of Saint Ronnie Reagan’s appearance (and honorary degree-getting) at Notre Dame. Not because Reagan had been divorced (the guy was a Protestant after all) but because he was gung ho about guns and capital punishment and a Latin America policy that was getting a lot of nuns and priests killed.

But somebody’s got to go to Hell over Obama’s invitation to speak, and the early betting is on Father John Jenkins, the president of Notre Dame University.

LifeSiteNews reports that Fr. Jenkins “sits on the board of directors of Millennium Promise, an organization dedicated to fighting poverty in Africa that promotes contraceptives and abortion.”

Commented Patrick Reilly of the Cardinal Newman Society: "Any Catholic university that supports a program to reduce poverty by eliminating poor children has a serious problem."

I don’t think that came out the way he intended it. Then again, maybe it did.


Mo MoDo said...

The less I think about the Gosselins' sex lives, the happier I am. That said, Jon got the bum end of the fertility stick. And what until those sextuplets get old enough to car date.

Jim Wetzel said...

Rush Limbaugh has failing kidneys?

Thank you, Grace -- this had been kind of a bad day, up 'til now. Nothing like a little Schadenfreude pick-me-up!