Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gone medieval

Waiting out the snow and wind bombings of the last nor’easter, I was reading Mysteries of the Middle Ages when I came across a wonderful passage that with only minor tweaking yields an extraordinary description of today’s conservative Republicans.
In all the time conservative Republicans were in power, nothing of real consequence had been created or improved while much of real consequence had been destroyed or weakened…. Shackled in ideology, disciplined by fear, and sheathed in arrogant certitude, conservative Republicans trudged into the 21st century in the clumsy, hunched, pigeon-toed gait of mindless obsequients, their vacant faces turned blindly toward the future they thought they knew -- gullible, pitiful innocents who were about to be swept up in the most powerful, incomprehensible, irresistible vortex: the election of a black Democrat president willing to give the majority what it wants.

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