Friday, February 27, 2009

Just as a precaution, I’ve had all the estrogen drained from my body

This is truly horrifying.
In anticipation of his Female Summit, Limbaugh has begun running promotional spots on his own nationally syndicated radio program: "Are you woman enough to kindly listen to his rants and score prescription drugs for him? Are you woman enough to lie to his face and tell him that he isn't getting fat again? If you ever watched Baron Harkonen in Dune and fantasized about laying in bed stroking his third chin and telling him how wonderful he is, then maybe you're woman enough for Rush Limbaugh."

Although Limbaugh's Female Summit is little more than speed dating for one, there is an intellectual component as well, including a series of symposiums with topics like "What's The Deal with Woman? Is It Entirely Due to Menstruation and Biology or Are They Simply Choosing to Be That Way?" With any luck, the messages of the summit will endure far beyond the weekend and start an open-ended dialogue about why women are so wrong on nearly every subject, especially when it comes to liking or not liking Rush Limbaugh.

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