Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Still more examples of FRontal lobe damage

I love it when someone posts a satirical piece on Free Republic, especially one with Obama as a target. The freepers almost never get the joke. Even if the post is clearly labeled satire, they respond to it as reality. This gets to be unnerving when completely fabricated and totally goofball quotations are attributed, as they are here, to Obama.
In informal discussions today with reporters during his holiday in Hawaii, Barack Obama said that people having to work during Christmas week is yet another example in a long line of failed Bush policies.

“I find it hard to believe, during the week of the biggest holiday during the year, people have to actually continue working in order to afford the things they want.

According to reports, this has been the worst Christmas season in years, and the problem is, you know, people can’t get to stores because they have to work. It’s a testament to failed Bush policies and his reluctance to look after the working class that it has come to this.

It’s the fault of his abhorrent, backwards policies carefully implemented over 8 years of rule.”
And away we go with the freeper backlash… until someone points out the obvious.
I have never heard a more stupid statement in my life. I wonder if this idiot thinks food magically appears in grocery stores????????????? His disconnect from real life is incomprehensible!

OMG....this FOOL is going to be our head of state.....aaagggghhhhhhh.....who does he think delivers and sells all the CHRISTMAS presents bought this week? Santa????

People worked during Christmas week during the Clinton Administration too, WOW this Obama is some kind of idiot isn’t he.

What? Is he so privileged that neither he nor Big Mouth Michele ever worked during a holiday? I’d like to share that cloud 9 he’s on.

I bet ya the next four years people will be working during xmas week, this guy is an idiot to even say something like this, is everything bushs fault or what?!

Dick Armee was right - we have become a nation of whiners. And BHO is now the Whiner in Chief, because the whiners are now in the majority. Pathetic.

Uh, folks, uh, this is what is called ‘satire’.
Which is something they would have discovered if they had actually clicked on the link.

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