Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jesus’s back in the Mall, baby, and it’s just alright with me

Via FOXNews comes this story about members of a Kansa City church who are protesting the secularization of Christmas by dressing like Jesus at their jobs, in malls, and in restaurants. Unfortunately, their Christ-like garb -- robes, sashes, and some fairly painful looking crowns of thorns -- is more suitable for Easter Jesus than Xmas Jesus, but I do admire their spirit.

The church filmed its Jesuses wandering through the malls of the local populace and posted it to YouTube. Good stuff too, all set to Jesus Is Just Alright.

Witness Mall Jesus enter by taking the DOWN escalator to the main floor. Watch Mall Jesus shield his eyes as he passes Victoria’s Secret (All Bras $29.50!). Sit at his knees as Mall Jesus rests in a lumbar massage chair. Watch several hyper-caffeinated Mall Jesuses chat in Starbucks. Behold the miracle one Mall Jesus performs with a grand piano. Follow in the multiple footsteps of two Mall Jesuses as they consult the You-Are-Here Mall Map and decide to take a shortcut through Sears. And cry Hallelujah as No. 1 Mall Jesus sits on Mall Santa’s lap and has his picture taken.

An unforgettable spiritual journey.

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