Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The point at which I stopped reading

I’d really like to know what [Iraqi journalist and impressively accurate shoe thrower] Muntader al-Zaidi is really so mad about. After all, a byproduct of our act of self-defense in Iraq has been our sponsoring of the development of democratic institutions. -- Patrick Gibson, The Policy Project, emph added #

For a generation, America has been awash in the celebration of minorities and minorities [sic] celebration of themselves. Just recall Black is Beautiful or I am a woman, I am invincible. At the same time, the majority group in America -- white Christians -- has been allowed to celebrate very little. -- Dennis Prager, Minorities Should Express Shame, Not Only Pride #

Honor killings, high numbers of widows and a need for a women’s prison are among the topics covered in a new publication [Al Jenubia] targeted toward women in the Southern Iraqi region. -- Press release, Multi-National Corps, Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory, Iraq #

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