Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Never leave blank lines in blog comments

Over at Jammie Wearing Fool, Fool and the Gang unhitch their flannel wedgies and more than shrug off the post-pitch injuries (broken arm, broken ribs, possible internal bleeding) suffered by the Iraqi shoe thrower. If anything, the Gangstas believe al-Zaidi deserves more. They also play that new game all the wingnut kids are playing.
For those on the left who find this all so hysterical, I'd like to see how they react if someone does something similar to Obama. Likely they'd instantly become proponents of the death penalty.
Oh, of course. Absolutely. Death by lethal injection for anyone caught throwing a pair of Hush Puppies in Obama’s general direction. And skip the due process, please.

YO, one of the Sleepy-Time Gang, shares his extraordinary insight into the Left.
That's the thing about the left.
They think that throwing shoes at the pres is funny, writing plays and movies about the _________ of the president is cool.…
Wow. Is this like Mad-Libs? Can I fill in the blank? How about:
* the cluelessness of the president
* the arrogance of the president
* the hypocrisy of the president
* the latent homosexuality of the president
* the neurosyphilitic deficits of the president
* the existential vacuousness of the president
Works for me. YO’s right -- this is fun and cool. Do we need any adjectives?

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