Friday, December 05, 2008

Passen Sie auf -- Es ist Krampus Nacht!!

I can’t imagine why Krampus Nacht never caught on in the United States, other than fear of the long arm of Child Protective Services and the potential jail time associated with child abuse convictions.
The 5th of December has traditionally been the day that devil-like Krampus roam the streets punishing those for their bad doings throughout the year. They are often accompanied by St. Nicholas and can be found in parades in the evening. The Krampus…often wear wooden masks, are dressed in animal furs, and often carry bells, chains, whips, and baskets with them. In case you were wondering about the baskets, they carry them on their backs in case the Krampus need to take away the children who’ve been bad throughout the year.
In addition to Krampus, who some view as the alter-ego of St. Nicholas, there are Frau Berecht, Frau Perchta, and assorted incubi and succubi of their hideously deformed entourages.

Ah, well, ‘tis the season for psycho-trauma: Doghouse Riley ventures outside and gets Malled and I’ve found the first item for my never-ending list of Things I Don’t Want for Xmas: The Bill Clinton Corkscrew.

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