Friday, August 08, 2008

The Looming Battle With the Future Newt

The ubiquitous (why?) Newt Gingrich has replaced the Contract With America with the Platform of the American People via a new organization.
American Solutions for Winning the Future [is] a unique non-partisan organization designed to rise above traditional gridlocked partisanship [and] to provide real, significant solutions to the most important issues facing our country.
But of course. You’d never associate Gingrich with blatant astroturfing designed to exacerbate partisan gridlock and ram through business-friendly “solutions” for problems afflicting America.

A prominent feature of the website is a Solutions Lab, where the American people get to offer their own suggestions for helping their country win The Looming Battle With the Future. It does get a bit goofy. First, there’s this brilliant idea.
Android Emergency Disaster Relief!

Solution Solves
Android Emergency Disaster is a Not for Proffit [sic] Organization Dedicated to using PA/Personal Androids for Emergency Disaster Relief!

Solution Overview
In China the rescue work from the 7.9 earthquake was stopped today due to a blocked river that made 2 large lakes that are in danger of breaking and flooding the rescue workers! The workers were evacuated for thier safety. If someone, some company, or some country had teams of androids they could move in and continue rescue work! Granted you wouldn't want to loose any androids...but that is cheaper than human life! This Would Change the Equation from Can't Do,to CAN DO! Imagine if 100 Countries had 100 Androids...that is 10,000 Androids! You could move a lot of rocks with 10,000 Androids!
And then there’s this classic, a paen to all that is Newt.
Promoting Newt!

Solution Solves
Newt Gingritch/American Solutions should acquire and use the domain name

Solution Overview
Newt/American Solutions should acquire and use the domain name To wit:
__A "Newton" is a measure of force, which Newt certainly is.
__ NewtOn.Org can be promoted/juxtaposed against (ugh) MoveOn.Org.
__ "Newt on Newtons" for energy topics.
__ Newton (Isaac) was an amazing physicist, mathematician, philosopher, etc.
__ NewtOn! compares to 'rock-on!' since being a political 'rock star' is vogue this year.
The domain is taken, but appears to be a non-business, low-level use. I am betting it could be easily purchased for a trivial amount. Just an idea.
That is just so … not gonna save us.

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