Thursday, August 14, 2008

Breaking news: MSNBC is a much better sports channel than news channel

Lies, damn lies, and Bush/Cheney statistics
A condescending Washington Post editorial goes thumbs up for offshore drilling, noting that the Bush/Cheney administration's resource estimate issued for the Bush/Cheney administration's Gulf of Mexico by the Bush/Cheney administration’s Minerals Management Service of the Bush/Cheney administration’s Interior Department “ballooned to 45 billion barrels” in 2006. That would be five times greater than the 9 billion barrels estimated in 1987. Well, you don’t say.

Girding your loins with the jockstrap of truthiness
Agitprop displays the perfect pajamas for the Kiddie Crusader set.

Eternal sunshine of the Bushless mind
In his latest WSJ column, Thomas Frank observes that it’s “very nice to say, as Barack Obama has done perhaps too much, that the upcoming election is about ‘hope’ and ‘change.’ But those anodyne words conceal what I think is the public's true desire: Negation.” I would take it even further and argue that, if it were possible, most people would opt for near-total erasure.

Why you should always travel with a spare pair of latex gloves
Anthony Cartouche over at Yazoo Street Scandal suddenly realizes he’s left his fingerprints all over some incriminating evidence.

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