Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our expanding language

If nothing else, the election is generating some valuable new word coinages.

Pissenfranchised: (noun) Democratic voters who threaten to cross party lines to cast their ballot if the candidate they support does not win the nomination.

To hillinger: (verb) To forestall certain death for anywhere from two weeks to four months.

Disentrancized: (adj) No longer taken in by Obama's oracular conjuration.

Proctovsionary: (noun) Person who looks at the world with one’s head up one’s ass.

Ad-hocracy: (noun) What you get when government keeps slapping new agencies and programs onto itself reacting to new perceived threats, problems, crises, issues, etc.

NOTE: This post should not be construed as support of any specific wonderful/awful candidate whom you may be idolizing/despising at the moment.

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